Saturday, 19 May 2012

Words about Max Payne 3

Every spring there is always that one game that comes, promising to deliver a great experience that will leave other spring releases in the dust, this is because spring is shit when it comes to new releases. Anyway, Max Payne 3 is one such game with its fancy graphics, noir influenced story and slow motion!

I won't go into story details because I don't really remember them too well and it's been kind of underwhelming. You play as Max Payne a drunken broken down man looking for a way out and some redemption on the way (redemption being a popular theme in rockstar games these days) this boils down to shooting dudes.

Pretty much all you do in Max Payne 3 is shoot dudes, not a complaint, it's a lot of fun with the shoot dodge moves and the quick time event-ish moments but it does leave you wanting a bit more variety. However this is very much a Max Payne game a thing I think rockstar went at with a little too much dedication, the story beats fall flat when compared to others and Max for a majority of the game is a very unlikable character.

This game is good, the graphics are fancy and the shooting is good. Want to shoot dudes for 12 hours? Then buy this game. Dislike bald protagonists then you will dislike half of this game.

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