Saturday, 18 August 2012

Going up

Hey it's been a while (once again) since I blogged so I thought I would blog once more and tell you, darling patrons of the internet, about what's going on in my life. Where to begin is where I begin to struggle, much like writing an essay or getting things done starting it, is always the hardest part but I suppose you could say I have achieved my start by explaining that I find it hard to start things, right? Anyhow it's been a while since I actually spoke about myself on here, I believe the last time was in February at some point and that was me just venting some negativity because it needed to be done. Special thanks to the Anonymous poster who's critique will be taken on board while I write this, I promise not to be contradictory this time, honest.

Anywho, my life in the past few months, well I guess I should begin on a high note, in March I got engaged to my wonderful (now) fiance and we couldn't be happier together, even the rough times feel great in the presence of someone you love. We've moved into our own place together too which is liberating and also gives us a taste of what life would be like just us, now I know we lived together in the past but that was constricted to one room or otherwise in a hostile environment so it feels good to be able to spread our wings and grow together in our own place. Our place is also very nice, like, you can tell it's not just for students as it really feels like effort has gone into the upkeep of the place.

I have now become a Mac user too which is something I have wanted to do for a very long time but never been able to afford it, it feels great. I don't think I would ever go back to a Windows system as a mac feels more user friendly and AWESOME. Thank you based jobs.

I am also happy to say as well that this summer has allowed me to close the door on a troublesome part of my life and hopefully, now, without the event hanging over me I can hopefully open new doors in my future and not have to worry so much about it. Speaking of future, I am at a crossroads in terms of academic life and life in general, unsure of which route to seek but hopefully with some guidance which I will seek in the future I can get back on track and hopefully figure out what it is I want to do in my future.

That's it for me really, I hope that this isn't contradictory and what not and it is a bit of a rambling but hey, this blog is called "ramblings" I believe it would be selling it short if I didn't ramble. Expect more in the future when I have more interesting things to say!

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