Monday, 28 January 2013

A review: DmC: Devil May Cry

I love Devil May Cry, I'm not going to hide it. The Devil May Cry series is one of my favourites and has been one of my favourites since I first played the demo that came bundled with Code Veronica way back when. The games had marvellous combat, a great style and a strangely likeable character. DMC 2 was a bit of a misstep for the series but DMC 3 + 4 were great comebacks to what made the series great, and now here we are with DmC: Devil May Cry. A reboot of said franchise, developed by Ninja Theory. Which I was suprised at to be honest as Team Ninja's most notable effort was Heavenly Sword and that was a great film to watch but a very mediocre game to play, felt more like feminist god of war but without the fun.

Time to get the elephant in the room out of the way first because this comes up every time DmC is mentioned and I'm not going to avoid it. They've changed Dante. He's younger, a self destructive kind and generally an asshole. I get the feeling this is Team Ninja's attempt to appeal to the goth/emo subculture and it would have been a roaring success say 3-4 years ago when that was mega popular. I don't mind the new Dante truth be told, he's a bit of a douche and he is written very poorly but it's a game, and a game shouldn't be judged on it's storyline especially not a Devil May Cry game where the focus has always been on the crazy gameplay first, story second.

The gameplay of DmC is great, it's very dumbed down from before as gone is the ability the jump cancel and also gone seems the crazy gameplay of before. The new system is simplified, you have your set combos and you can mix it up with juggles or just stay on the ground. The game changer here, which while not as drastic as team ninja may have suggested is the devil and angel arms, these are two weapons that you acquire early on in the game that give you the ability to pull an enemy toward you or pull yourself toward an enemy. It's a great ability and is great for keeping those long air combos going, also they give you a very quick scythe and a really slow, but powerful axe. You can switch between these weapons at any time by pressing a trigger button and it's really sweet to mix up these combos with the normal combos. You also get the guns too but they're not really a major part of dmc apart from keeping juggles going.

I thought the gameplay was very enjoyable and it's nice that it's simplified a little so you can perform some really crazy actions with ease, it's rewarding as a player that this doesn't require some controller magic, however the downfall is, as it's easier to perform these amazing feats of dexterity it lessens the reward payoff.

Graphically this game is nice to look at, Team Ninja have done a lot with the libo city landscape and it's very cool when the city attacks you. The game has some rough spots where it doesn't look great or there are odd instances of clipping, for example dantes sword clips through his jacket quite a lot but to get hung up on issues like that is stupid.

I didn't pay enough attention to the story to tell you about that.

Overall: The game is fun, and at the end of the day that's what you want the game to be. Forget about the whole nonsense that they changed the character, this game while shy of being deserving of the Devil May Cry name is a great action game and worth the price of admission.

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